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Contact Info:

  • 4102 Emerson St| Wilmington, NC 28403
  • 910-338-5426

Business Hours:

Mon-Frid 9am - 6pm

Production Hours:

Mon-Sun 24 hrs-7 days a week

The Farmin’ Creative Campus is the main headquarters for Farmin’ Brands and houses the many sectors of the enterprise. Operating within this facility is the lifeline to the Farmin’ outlets in Farmin’ Foodworks. Encompassing 10,000 square feet of production space, Farmin’ Foodworks includes a large scale bakery, butcher shoppe, creamery, creative kitchen, seafood processing and produce storage. Farmin’s Foodworks team uses local ingredients in these departments to make unique southern offerings such as breads, pastries, gelato’s, sandwiches, soups, salads and more. All items are packaged and prepared at the Farmin’ Campus and delivered to the Farmin’ stores every morning. It's fresh, it's creative and above all, it’s southern.

Our Story

Farmin's Creative Campus is the main facility for all things Farmin' and houses all Farmin' Brands food production including Nanny's Stock Bakery, Capital Creamery, Farmin' Creative Kitchen, Butcher Shoppe, Captain Willie's Fish & Shrimp Co. and Farmin's produce. Fresh local ingredients are sourced from our region and brought straight to the Farmin’ Creative Campus. From there, Farmin’s team of Culinary Creative’s work with these ingredients to make new items such as sandwiches, soups, prepared salads, pies, Danishes, gelato, fudge, breads, fresh cut meat, fresh cut seafood and more. Everything is packaged and prepared on-site and delivered straight to the Farmin’ stores and Farmin’ wholesale clients. The vibe on Campus is electrifying and contagious. It is a place of passion for food and drive for success.